Monday, December 15, 2014

Let the sugar coma commence!!!

The Christmas baking has begun!  Ring the bell, alert the masses, the sugar has started to flow!  I have the baking planned and began this weekend.  I LOVE cooking and baking...most of the time.  Hee hee!  I started with something I really have been craving wanting to make lately, Chex Mix Muddy Buddies.  I also decided to do a trial run at my Meemaw's Chocolate Cream Pie.  Ummm, well, the pie was tasty, the crust was golden and flaky, but it did not set up as firm as it should so the pie was more of a pudding consistency and not how I remembered.  That is why I decided to make one this weekend, to check and see how it came out.  Yep, it had NOTHING to do with the fact that Mr. C wanted pie or that I wanted chocolate cream pie...NOTHING, it was all for test purposes!  Sure!

Now on to the Muddy Buddies.  Some people call these Puppy Chow because it looks a bit like kibble and that is what we grew up calling it, but the box says Muddy Buddies and that is what we shall call them now.  I know, I know there are all kinds of different ones now you can make with all kinds of ingredients, spices, candies and what have you, but for us, I wanted the traditional version.  This one:

It is not hard to make, does not take much in the way of fancy ingredients, but they are so tasty and remind me of my family and Christmas time so much!  Again with the nostalgia, I blame the holidays.  Below is the finished product.  So dang good!  The recipe calls for putting the cereal after coating in a plastic bag to shake in the sugar and others I have seen call for a paper bag....I just put mine in my BIG BERTHA of a stainless bowl, stir it and then toss it around in the bowl until it is coated.  You may have a little powdered sugar dust and don't breath too close, but this method works great for us.  :)

I will have to try another recipe for chocolate cream pie, I have one in mind, but we shall see.  Do you have one you rely on or share?  I do NOT like meringue, so I need one that does not require it.  Not sure why, just have never liked the flavor or texture of meringue.  I prefer whipped cream and lots of it!

Hugs and happy baking!


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