Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Wait, what?

I am the worst blogger EVER!!  I had planned on taking lots of pics and making lots of posts during the holiday, but that obviously did  not happen.  I got busy baking, cooking, cleaning, being a mom, working, gifting, giving, getting...then we all got sick!  Don't do that, I do not recommend it. We are all on the mend, the house has been De-Christmases and the New Year has begun.  Which for me means I go into the declutter, clean house, everyone has to mode.  Every year, without fail, I get in a winter cleaning mode. I tend to spring clean a little early.  Not sure why, just do!  I have already cleared the clutter in 2 1/2 closets, one of my son's room, a lot in the hoard (our storage pantry) and various things through out the house.  I also have gone through ALL of my clothes in the closet and in my dresser and have donated about 3 large boxes of clothes that are all now TOO BIG!!  I have lost about 50 pounds.  F-I-F-T-Y.  5-0.  Five zero.  Wait, what?  I am still in a little shock, okay a lot of shock.  I was still seeing the fat girl in the mirror, the bumpy, lumpy girl...until I took some photos of myself last night in my smallest jeans.  Seriously, I cried, it was a great wait, what moment.  Here is the proof!

I am planning a post soon on how I lost weight, what has happened to make it happen and my daily routine and meals.  Planning...ummm...yeah, we know how that has been working for me.  One day at a time, I will get into this blogging thing.  I have so much to say and talk a lot, you would think I could blog every dang hour.  But alas, I must go and do things like work, clean, organize, cook, take care of kids, take care of animals...dang, I am busy, I better go!